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CBT (Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Programmes available for self-referral and referral (updated October 2021).

There has been a significant number of programmes added in the last few months, details of all programmes now available, both by self-referral and referral (along with referral routes), are detailed below.

These include two new digital therapies in the form of an online programme and a mobile app are now available for people in NHS Grampian.

One of the tools is a new app for people who are experiencing symptoms of worry and anxiety. Known as Daylight, it uses science backed cognitive behavioural techniques to guide you through exercises to tackle your worries and feelings and address your fears so you feel more in control.

The other is Sleepio. Sleepio is an NHS-accredited online programme to help those struggling with poor sleep and insomnia and has already been accessed by over 150,000 people in the UK to date.

Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (otherwise known as CBT) has proved effective in the treatment of many mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety and stress. It targets unhelpful behaviours and thought patterns common in individuals experiencing these symptoms. Accessing support through Daylight and Sleepio early on should help people develop helpful ways to deal with worry and prevent the worsening of symptoms and the need for referral to specialist services. It also encourages people to self- manage their condition.


Daylight and Sleepio are fully automated and accessible online, with no waiting time. This means more people can access digital medicine that’s clinically proven and backed by real-world evidence whenever and wherever they wish. 

Daylight and Sleepio are available to adults (18+) and can be accessed directly on a web-based or mobile device at



People create their own username and password so no-one can access any of their details and all data is stored in an encrypted database. No referrals are needed.

The Nova team are pleased to offer a selection of workshops and activities which cover different topics facilitated through Zoom, where we can have fun and learn by sharing ideas and techniques to successfully manage mental health and wellbeing.

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